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Now that the SL1200 Turntable is no longer available and the top tends to wear with time and or have bubbled up due to corrosion. I have come up with a service that can bring your old Turntable looking perfect, or a chance to buy a second hand deck and bring a new lease of life for less than the price of a new one.      

 I am taking orders for original part exchange tops for the SL1200 / SL1210 mk2 Turntables. It’s been a long time coming but I have now got it so I can guarantee quality and a time frame.  “A quick overview” This is how it works you pick or order the standard Matt black or orignial SL1210 (brown) colour you requested  "special colour orders available" I will then inform my professional spray team who  already have stock of all parts Turntable Tops, Tone Arm assemblies, Platters prepared and primed to except the requested colour. When they're ready I will call you  and swap the tops over (exchange) from your original tops to the ones you ordered, this way it’s a same day service, and you're not without your decks for long periods.

Each top is fitted with the new pitch ornament (black or silver) additional colours available all the original Technics lettering is silk screened on to each top. You also have the option of having the platter set to the same colour as the top; again your platter is exchanged. All the parts from your deck are moved to the newly painted top and “platter if requested in the order” the turntable is serviced and rebuilt ready for you to pickup. I spent a lot of time trying different types of finishes, i.e. powder coating, plating, etc though trial and error, I found 2-pac the winner it will give you the hardest, glossiest or matt, and most resilient finish out of all finishing products. I expect the best finish and workmanship so I can be proud to pass it on to you. Other options will include arm assembly colour a range of different coloured leds, scratch arms. The picture beside gives you some Idea of your options

Matt Black “DDS” Version Technics.

For the people who love that Black Matt Look!
Taking Matt BLACK to a different level on the Technics SL range…….

This conversion / restoration have the added value of the following:


  • Matt Black Arm pipe “Straight Scratch or Original”.
  • Matt Black Counter weight and Counter Weight Holder.
  • Matt Black top and Platter Technics writing in gloss Black or White.
  • Matt Black Arm Assembly.
  • Matt Black Arm assembly Well.
  • Matt Black pop up target light fitted with 2 x 3mm UV LEDS
  • Matt Black Pitch Ornament with Black Pitch fader Knob.
  • Matt Black Arm height adjuster Knob.
  • Matt Black Strobe / Power knob assembly and insert.
  • Matt Black 45/ 33/ Stop and Start Buttons.
  • Black light LED’s (Ultraviolet) on Pitch light, 45/33 and Strobe.
  • New Deck Saver Perspex Cover.
  •  Mechanically:
  • Heat sink fitted on both control IC and voltage regulator.
  • Ceramic Arm assembly Bearings.
  • Target light fitted with 2 x 3mm LEDs
  • New pitch fader protector.
  • Center click on pitch removed if requested.
  • Black Light LEDS.
  • New OFC high resolution, low loss signal cables, 99.99% pure copper, double shielded withgold molded RCA connections and earth wire or pre earthed.if requested .
  • Plus full service on the Turntable.
  • Total cost per Deck $429.00.. inc gst.
  • Deposit $160 per Deck, completion time 21 days, from date of deposit.
  • *All exchanged parts must be in working and complete.