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This page is a quick Deck Doctor guide to help you with the main problems i found servicing Technics SL1200/1210 Turntables. Before we start, i can not take any responsibility for any damage you my inflict on your deck and your self, if your not mechanically minded or your not sure please don't attempt any work on your deck, i will try to make it as easy as possible.

Lets start if you want you can download install manual this is very handy for setting up your decks, below


if you not to sure what to do contact me and i will try to help you as doctors do.........HELP ME Main problems: you must have a multi tester for all of the subjects below, without its guest work and hard to find a fault. make sure the unit is unplgged from the mains power. 


To remove the platter. try pulling the Platter up using the holes , if this fails with a pair of pliers give the spindle a  sharp tap like in pic 1 this will free the platter from the spindel,once the Platter is removed put aside be careful not to damage the magnet on the under side or allow any screws etc to stick to the magnet. remove the 5 screwws that hold the plastic cover on as in pic 2,now remove the plastic cover as in pic3 if your unit is fitted with one.Now you have access to the fuses (please note if your deck is 115volt us or jp the pcb will be different). F1 is a 250ma 240 volt 20mm fuse, check to see if this fuse is ok using a multi tester on resistance. dont just look at it as the fuse could be blown under the cap ends and you will miss the fault. F2 is a 240volt 1amp 20 mm fuse. To reassemble reverse the operation (except pic1).

  POWER  (But no Drive)

 If you have power but no drive check the protection ics on the main board these can be found by looking at the Technics Help Chart supplied on this site. Chart.

For checking protection ics, these will need to be removed and checked for NPN transistor Characteristics. If you would like to continue, look up checking transistor on your search engine. 


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