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Technics SL1200 mk2 Turntable Gone but definitely not forgotten. What did Djs use before the SL1200........Nothing.

Yes it was announced that the Technics SL1200 has stopped production after 37 years and 3.5 million units. Spare parts will still be available, They would be mad to give that little business away.  In recent time i have found out that a lot of the spares have been hard to get hold of, for instance the transformer for the sl1200 240 volt version is no longer available, So if you have one or two bestt start looking after them, and hope i can help you to keep them in good working order.

What I have noticed that since the introduction of Serato they have become more popular and thinking that Panasonic might have been a little silly stopping production at this time. I must admit i loved seeing a dj working records, see him or her sweating, slowing with the finger on the platter or turning the spindle trying to speed it up, fiddling with the pitch fader trying just to keep it in beat, and you listening to hear if they have it in sync. Its an art. Even today with Serato, even if he never changes the record you can still see when its coming to the end. All jokes a side with the new technology and the use of turntables you get the best of both worlds, unlike cdjs you really never know if there mixing or just having you over. Without mentioning names early this year a well known DJ come from the UK, no not with a big box of records and no not with a load of cd's but 2 usb sticks, and one of those was for back up. One has to ask why come at all as I am sure you listening to a mega mix thats been made up, perfect mixing and the guy standing there like its a walk in the park.  By reading the above you can assume that I adore the Technics and love my records. I am sure as the audiophiles of the 70s that today have their SME arms, Acoustic Signature Turntables and Valve amps worth fortunes.. I will just have 2 Technics SL1200s and fond memories of the day that this was.

I am rebuilding the website at the moment , so a lot of the pages will not be available, but if you need any help just drop us a line or give us a ring . ;-)

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